In order to obtain this certificate, crew members will need to pass theoretical and practical tests demonstrating;

  • A general knowledge of radio communications within the Maritime Mobile Service.
  • A detailed practical knowledge of the VHF and MF/HF radio installation and the use of this equipment in practice.
  • The purpose and use of Digital Selective Calling, (DSC), facilities.
  • A knowledge of the operational procedures of the GMDSS.
  • A knowledge of the practical operation of the GMDSS sub-systems and equipment, (as appropriate to 'nonsolas'vessels). Including;
    • The Distress, Urgency and Safety communication procedures used in the GMDSS.
    • The protection of Distress frequencies.
    • The Maritime Safety Information, (MSI), systems used in the GMDSS.
    • The Alerting and Locating signals used in the GMDSS.

A knowledge of the regulations, obligatory procedures and practices used in Radiotelephone communications.

TRG Manual

This manual (TRG-6 2014) is the hard copy version of this interactive material. Everything that is contained in the manual is the same as this version and vice versa.

The added advantage of the interactive version is that it contains video's and questions. The same questions are in the manual with the answers at the back.

Use the manual when you don't have access to this interactive resource.